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uhh... It was Beta's descendants commonly referred to as Team Magma. Shadow and I quickly made sure our pokemon were alright and suddenly I thought up an idea. "Go! Houndoom!" I called out, Houndoom had an excellent nose and picked up the location of the Magma grunts, it was pointing at Veilstone City, so Shadow and I quickly got on Braviary and Togekiss and flew over there. When we arrived we saw the place was a disaster, the lights were mostly broken and the place was filled with noxious fumes. We recalled our pokemon and continued onward. Eventually we reached a Large tower. I didn't remember it last time I was here. We went inside and suddenly an alarm went off! 20 Grunts started running in from all directions, I think one jumped down from an air duct. They all sent out a variation of pokemon. Houndooms, Golbats, Magcargos, Probopasses, Nosepasses and Camerupts. Shadow and I grabbed our Pokeballs.

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