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    Luxanna's Log #7 & a ½

    Bask in the radiant victory of another captured pokemon, Lux hummed, and skipped and hopped her way out towards the cave. Her thoughts of rhyming had finally escaped her, although perhaps for the time being. Nah, it won't come back to her. In any case, she held her new pokemon, her geodude inside his pokeball, high in the air above her head, as she danced her way out. Of course, as one would dance... they would soon to pay attention. As soon as she reached the exit...

    "I got a pokemon, a pokemon in for the -- OOF!" she bumped into somebody, causing her to drop her pokeball as she dropped on the ground, back first. She rubbed her head, but quickly got up. She then looked around vigorously. "Oh noooo! Where is my -- pokeball, pokeball, pokeball, pokebaaaaaalll.... AH! here it is!"

    She held her pokeball high in the air again, and then rubbed it on her face. "Ahhhh my precious pokeball that has a pokemon, how I missed you sooooo! That was a whole FIVE seconds!! I will never lose you again!"

    Finally, she paid attention to her bumped unintentional target. What do you know! A girl! She circled around her, but then stopped. "Heeeey there! Lovely day, isn't it?!"


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