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Looking around sub-reddit Pokemon and came across this from 4chan:

While it doesn't give a convincing counter argument for France, it does give us another idea. Perhaps the region is actually the British Isles?

From wikipedia: "Cernunnos was a god in Celtic mythology that possessed two deer antlers on the top of his head. He was known as The Horned One or The Horned God despite having antlers and not horns. Cernunnos is also known as The Stag Lord, The Horned God of the Hunt, The Lord of the Forest, The Lord of the Hunt, and The Lord of the Animals.[4] However, it is impossible to know exactly because there is no one particular myth concerning him."

a Celtic Stag? Similar to Xerneas perhaps?

EDIT: Also ( something else to add to the Britain-based idea.

Anyone else dig up some information on the possibility of it being in Britain? Or perhaps somewhere else entirely?
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