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Originally Posted by RedWing View Post
I don't know, maybe it's just my idea of what's interesting, but having the same Pokemon battle each other, regardless of personality differences, is just boring.
Oh, no worries. I definitely agree with you. It's always more fascinating to read a battle where one side has an obvious advantage over the enemy and still loses because the other side is just better skilled with what they have. Really, if it ever came up in my fics, I'd go the "type advantage" route over "facing the exact same opponent" one. It adds more to to the story, especially if the reader isn't sure just how the battle is going to end.

The thing with the Pokemon personalities like bigtukker had introduced and I added to was if one's writing where the professor has more than just one member of the species to hand out. Starting trainers could look over the various Bulbasaur that Oak has for them to chose from and pick a personality that fits them, rather than only having one Bulbasaur to pick from and having the possibility that it won't work well.
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