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    So everyone knows about status ailments, right? Those unfortunate side effects that some moves might inflict on your pokemon in conjunction with causing damage. Some even have moves dedicated solely to causing them (Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic).

    There are 5 major status ailments, and three minor ones.


    Each turn, the Pokémon afflicted with the Burn loses 1/8th of it's Max HP
    The Pokémon's Physical Attack Stat is cut by Half. This effect does not work on Pokémon with the Guts ability
    The Pokémon's Special Attack Stat is doubled on Pokémon with the Heat Rampage ability

    The Pokémon afflicted's Speed stat is reduced to 25% of it's Maximum. Pokémon with the Quick Feet ability are not affected
    The Pokémon has a 25% chance of being unable to attack each turn

    The Pokémon cannot attack for 1 to 7 turns, the turn count is lowered with the Early Bird ability

    The Pokémon loses 1/8th Max HP each turn
    The Pokémon loses 1/16th Max HP for the first turn and then adds 1/16th to the amount to be lost so on 2nd turn 2/16th, 3rd 3/16th and so on until the Pokémon faints

    The Pokémon cannot use any attacks (apart from those that thaw it)


    The Pokémon afflicted loses 1/4 of it's Max HP each turn

    Confusion is another status effect that is common in use to hinder your opponent for 1 to 4 turns

    The Pokémon afflicted cannot attack 50% of the time

    What types of status aliments in competitive play do you find yourself using the most, and which do you find can be most useful? Is it team dependent, or tier dependent for you? How often do you rely on these status attacks to win battles? Do you normally use Minor or Major status ailments?

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