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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Oh duh of course, Porygon Z is the one I meant yes haha. Also holy poop I never noticed Usaring's base 130 Attack before, that's incredible o.o Why on earth is it only in the NU tier? It has pretty reasonable defences so I can't imagine it's terrible speed being that bad a problem? Or does it have something to do with having to rely on Toxic/Burn orbs...?
I tried out Porygon-Z once in-game and with the right moveset and a boost from Adaptability can make its Tri Attack hit pretty darn hard. I guess the reason Ursaring is NU is because it has to rely too much on Toxic/Burn Orbs with the Guts ability for that mighty Attack boost. And it also has Quick Feet to bypass its slow Speed.

When Ursaring's Guts gets activated, you better watch out.

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Strongest Normal type eh? Hmm... I think in terms of strength alone it has either be Slaking or Regigas (choosing not to count Arceus 'cos he's a spoil sport!), but obviously they both have drawbacks from their abilities. Then there's Blissey who's probably the most used Normal type, but I wouldn't call what she has strength so much as vitality, so she's out of the question... I think I'll go for Porygon 2, he's an utter beast when it comes to dealing strong attacks and when he's got a boost or two behind him he becomes pretty much unstoppable in no time. Obviously there are areas that let him down, but strength-wise and moves-wise I think Porygon 2 easily outshines a lot of the other Normal types.

(It's strange but whilst making this post I've realised how few Normal types there are in OU! Maybe they aren't as strong as I thought...)
I have to say Slaking is one heck of a powerhouse, given how hard it was for me to defeat Norman in Ruby, but Truant is basically there to stop Slaking getting too overpowered. However, it's great for abusing Hyper Beam/Giga Impact, the latter of which helps Slaking's high Attack. And it's not as slow as you thought, and has solid defensive stats too.

Porygon2 is also pretty good when it has the Eviolite, making it outshine Porygon-Z in some fields. But yeah I do sorta feel about the lack of Normal-types in OU, maybe most have to rely on certain abilities/items.