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    Originally Posted by KagamiChan View Post
    Hai Hai Naturalles! Welcome to PokeCommunity!
    Don't lose your hope in encountering a wild shiny @w@
    I met my very first ever wild shiny 2 days ago, while working on a challenge. I was looking for a Nincada to use as a Cut HM user and BOOM! Shiny Nincada! I was so confused and didn't know if I wanted to cry or laugh. I eventually captured it and made it a permanent member of my team, turning my old Nincada into the Cut HM user for the time being.
    So, don't lose hope! These things heppen when you least expect them.
    I hope you're having fun here on PC xD
    Hi. And thanks.
    It's so hard... Considering I've been playing on it for ages but never gotten one. Well that must be lucky.
    Thanks, I will not give up. And yeah I am having fun on it.
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