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New members have been added on Avishka's behalf; welcome to you both! :) I'm so glad there's another Cloyster fan eee, that thing is an utter beast in competitive!

How would you buff Ice types in general...? Ehh, I'll be honest I have no idea lmao. It's not a question I ever expected to be asked! I think they're renowned for being quite fast and hard-hitting with lots of special effective bonuses, but perhaps they're generally quite lacking in defensive capabilities? As far as I know Ice doesn't have many resistances and the Pokémon don't usually have very high defences either, so I guess I'd counteract this by giving Ice type a few more resistances! At the moment it only resists Ice, but I think it'd be logical to make it resist Water too since it'd just freeze the incoming water. It could probably resist Grass for similar reasons of hindering the Grass-nature of the attacks when they come close/make contact, and I'm pretty sure a Bug couldn't do much to a block of Ice either. So I'd make Ice resistant to Ice, Water, Grass & Bug in an ideal world! But hey, what're you gonna do haha.