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So I went out for the day and beat Elesa in Black while I was out. I got back yesterday and about an hour afterwards I dislocated my kneecap stepping off my bed. It was scary since I haven't dislocated or broken anything before, so seeing my kneecap in such a strange place wasn't pleasant. Anyway, I'm lying in bed with me knee resting so I decided to post what I've done.

-Beat Bianca
-Beat Cheren
-Traveled to Desert Resort
-Caught a Dwebble
-Named it Ray; after the guy of the same name in Achievement Hunter

-Trained Ray
-Beat Trainers
-Explored Desert areas
-Arcane Evolved into Scolipede
-VS Leader Elesa
--VS Emolga: Rollout(x2) w/ Arcane
--VS Emolga: Rollout w/ Arcane
--VS Zebstrika: Dig + Bug Bite w/ Ray + Stela
-Obtained Bolt Badge


Arcane [SCOLIPEDE] Lv31 (F)
Serious Nature @Quick Claw
-Bug Bite
-Rock Smash

Stela [LEAVANNY] Lv30 (F)
Bashful Nature @Scope Lens
-Grass Knot
-Bug Bite
-Razor Leaf

Ray [DWEBBLE] Lv30 (M)
Quiet Nature @BlackGlasses
Shell Armor
-Faint Attack
-Rock Slide
-Bug Bite

I'm halfway between getting to Burgh in Black2