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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Your mock-ups look a little rough. I have to say it's very difficult to tell which card in the list is being selected, and there's no space for a "Deck" tab.
Well considering there's a huge picture of it on the right I don't see how xDD I can make the selected item on the left stand out more probably. As for Deck tab space completely slipped my mind. I'll look into that.

The design itself doesn't support a half-size screen, which I'd prefer it to do if possible. The fact that you're using a different (smaller) font doesn't help show whether the design would actually work properly in-game.
The idea was that the card list would expand/contract as the screen size increased/decreased. And the font is just one of the ones included with Essentials, so it should work fine in-game.

On the other hand, I like the idea of fading out the non-current tabs, and of having some kind of border around the list itself to mark it off. The black background is also nice, better than the current grey, and the simple tab design is also nice.

However, as I've alluded to, space is an issue. "Imposter Professor Oak" is the longest card name, so that needs to be able to fit in the list area using the appropriate font. I'd prefer to show more cards at once rather than less, and currently it shows nine while yours shows eight. This means that border around the list probably won't fit after all.
Again the font used is included with Essentials (Power Red and Green) so there shouldn't be a problem using it.

As far as one card difference, is it really that huge a deal? I mean, at least personally, when items are really skinny on a list clicking them can tend to be aggravating. I end up clicking the wrong one and having to undo whatever it is I just did. Anyways, that's really up to you, I just figured a "sort by" option would be nice, and didn't mind slightly bigger options.

The various card symbols were taken directly from the old TCG game, or knocked together by me. They could definitely be improved. You've just fancied up one of those old symbols, and while it does look nice, I'm wondering whether different designs might work as well.
Sure, you're meaning completely custom symbols that don't look like the originals at all? I thought about that but didn't know how well it would be received. I'm all for it though.