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Fara O'Shay
Route 31
"Okay. How'd you do?" Birdie inquired as Fara stepped into his line of vision.

“What do you think?” She held up two Pokéballs between her fingers in order to showcase her latest captures. Her two new additions would most certainly aid her in the inevitable defeat of Falkner.

Fara caught herself wondering how Birdie was going to attempt to fight the Gym Leader of Violet City. All the Pokémon he had at the moment couldn’t do anything more than normal damage against Flying types. All Fara had to do was send out Geodude, of course after training him on these wild Pokémon, and he would take care of those pesky birds. Behind Birdie Fara noticed that there was fire that was leaping from tree to tree. It would only delay her journey if she took the time to do anything about the fire. Also, it's not like she had any water type Pokemon that could assist her in putting it out, she thought it was best to avoid it. Though, Birdie seemed like too nice of a guy to not help out with a forest fire, which is why she couldn’t let him see it. She made herself smile wide and guided Birdie passed the visibility of the forest fire as if it wasn’t there. Next time she needed a look out she might as well leave Bandino because he would've done a better job than Birdie.

To be expected the duo ran into several Weedles and Bellsprouts but luckily Fara's Geodude had managed to defeat them in quite a hurry. The Bellsprouts caused quite a bit of trouble seeing as that was one of Geodude's main weaknesses, which lead to the decision to switch to Bandino when they encountered them. One thing Fara loved to do was take charge even though she was supposed to be play a part, Amell wasn't very good at acting and that translated to MAO. To be polite Fara gave Birdie a chance to challenge and win against a few wild Pokemon as if it proved that she could indeed share with others. Their footsteps stopped in front of the passageway that lead into Violet City where they faced their biggest opponent yet, Falkner. Apparently no one has made it passed Falkner without being overwhelmed by his power, well, at least to Fara's knowledge.

“Ready to go to Violet City?”

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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