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Originally Posted by Boilurn View Post
I've just thought of an idea for two draining moves: Vamp Leech and Vamp Drain. Vamp Leech is a status-move that is accessible to only those of the Ghost-type, and it works just like Leech Seed, except that its a Ghost-type move, and thus, Ghost types are immune to this move. This would make some bulky Ghosts like Dusknoir and Cohagrigus a lot harder to take down. :P Vamp Drain is the attack variant which works like Giga Drain, and its also a Ghost-type move.
I'd like moves like these. :3 Although they do remind me a little of Leech Life, buut if there's lots of ghosts something like this could be totally viable, and make Misdreavus better for NU (especially if it's special lool).

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