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    Well, hey there, folks. This here is a crazy little experiment of mine, where I'm going to write a story in the style of an old text-based adventure game; I'll set things up, you readers 'input a command', to use the lingo, and the protagonist will react accordingly. I'll rate it 15, for violence, horror and darkness. Although let's hope it also ends up containing some humour as well.

    Othodox's actions will be chosen, in the event of conflicting player commands, by me melting them together and picking out the most common themes to create a viable order. If you have further questions about how this works, feel free to ask away.

    A Smell of Petroleum Pervades Throughout

    You are a Pokémon Trainer named Othodox. This is not out of choice. It is because the word 'Orthodox' sounds cool but is eight characters long.

    You aren't quite sure why you're in New Bark Town right now, given that you've been away on a Pokémon journey for the past few months. The details of how you got here are a little fuzzy, but you are in your bedroom in one of the few houses in this middle-of-nowhere town.

    To the north is a desk with a computer, an antiquated cathode ray tube television with an attached Wii, and a broad window.

    To the south is your bed and your potted tree.

    To the east is a wall with your posters, which you rarely get to show off because of the laws of top-down perspective but which are totally awesome.

    To the west are a few more posters and the wooden staircase leading down into the other room of your house.

    Everything is suspiciously quiet, and your Poké Ball bandoleer is peculiarly light.

    What will you do?

    And with that, let's get the ball rolling, guys. Commands, anyone? Othodox ain't going to solve anything by himself. Or herself. It's ambiguous.

    For information about A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short story in video game form, click here.