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Originally Posted by Samurott01 View Post
Question, how do I find the SID of my game?
Also, how do I get a stationary Kyurem if you only explain how to get shiny Pokemon?
The SID can be found in few (reliable) ways. One is to use the Action Replay code for it if you happen to have one. Another way is to upload your Pokemon to The third way is to use a flash cart and PokeGen. If you cannot do any of these, perhaps someone here will be generous enough to help you. You could trade a filler Pokemon caught by that game and they could use it to figure it out for you.

Actually for catching normal Pokemon, it's pretty much the same thing as catching the shiny ones. You just don't check the box marked "look for nearby shiny frames". So when the seeds are generated by RNG Reporter (or PPRNG if that's what you are using), you will get a mix of non-shiny and shiny seeds (though mostly non-shiny of course).
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