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    Pokemon: Pure Heart!

    Pokemon: Pure Heart! is a fangame I'm currently in the super early stages of. I'd love to get some feedback on how it's going so far!

    In Pokemon: Pure Heart!, you don't start the game with a ten year old kid about to recieve his or her own first pokemon. The main character is an experienced pokemon co-ordinator who, when she's not winning contests, spends her time being bored out of her mind. After a few exciting encounters with some very special people and their pokemon, she makes the decision to become a pokemon trainer. Once she catches her first pokemon (with a little help) and receives her trainer license from Professor Magnolia, she begins her journey around the region, solving mysteries, catching ancient pokemon, and making new friends.

    Main Characters:

    A seventeen year old, who swaps contests for battles as she searches for excitement.

    Professor Magnolia
    A pokemon professor who's mostly interested in ancient pokemon legends. Her aides spend a lot of time travelling around the region helping her track down myths from small towns.

    A member of a mysterious criminal organisation.

    One of Professor Magnolia's aides. He's always ready to help Marina out.

    Sarah & Brendan
    Twin pokemon trainers, who have just received their starter pokemon. (They're jerks.)

    The twins' childhood friend. He has the third starter pokemon.

    Gym Leaders:

    The youngest gym leader. He trains normal type pokemon, and thinks he knows pretty much everything there is to know about pokemon.

    A fashionable young woman who fights with fire type pokemon.

    A young girl who loves ghost pokemon. She's more than a little creepy.

    An excitable young man whose psychic pokemon also help out in his circus.

    The eldest gym leader. She uses poison type pokemon, and has very strong opinions on how trainers should behave.

    Many people visit her town to see her figure skating shows. She fights with ice type pokemon.

    This gym leader spends most of his time flying around the region with his flying type pokemon.

    A gym leader who also runs a detective agency. She uses electric type pokemon.

    (newest screenshots are first! to see more caps, just go through the thread)

    RPG Maker XP, using Pokemon Essentials.
    I'll have more people to credit once I've made more progress, I'm sure!

    13/02/2013: 3/14 towns & 2 routes mapped, one gym leader sprited, pretty much all of the custom characters concepted, & started on the opening events.
    3/03/2013: mapped all the interiors for two of the towns! I've made solid progress on three big events, and six of the main characters have got first draft OW sprites.
    5/03/2012: two more OW sprites, character names (at LAST!), another main event & a support bar! next up, gym leaders :)
    9/03/2012: another OW sprite! I've also come up with teams for the gym leaders, but I guess we'll see if those are any good haha. I'm working on another town, and the outfit mechanic!

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