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The most over-rated Dark type? Hmm... I think that title should go to dearest Hydreigon! He's seen as this huge legendary beast of a Pokémon rivalling anything that's thrown at him, but is he really that good? Obviously the answer's yes since he's the pseudo-legendary of Gen V, HOWEVER I don't think he's even close to competing with the other pseudo-legendary Pokémon that are supposed to be in the same league as him. One kick to the face with a Fighting move and Hydreigon is down for the count, is that what you want from such a beast? Granted he does have incredible offensive power and the diversity of his move pool is exceptional, but Hydreigon's low speed and average defences leave him open to a lot of grief from the right Pokémon, which in OU can be almost anything! Without his Dark typing I think he'd be absolutely unstoppable and definitely Uber, but those couple extra weaknesses without much extra coverage are holding him back.