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Name: Sam
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I'm Sam, and I'm the laziest person who ever lazied. :p

I'm a 23-year-old woman and live in the States. I like to babble if I've got a topic to talk about. Been into Pokemon since RBY days; 2nd and 5th gens are my favorite. I also play some RPGs when I'm up for gaming but I don't much these days (favorites are Persona 4, Chrono Trigger, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy X, and probably a few random ones I'm missing). I'm huge into writing, but don't like taking about the bulk of it because I'm shy and it sucks (I don't edit nearly enough for it to be decent). My current obsession is Homestuck but I don't usually talk about it because idk why. I've been on PC for way-too-many-years. Uhhh most of my time otherwise is spent lurking around the Internet. I like to think I'd make a great friend! Maybe.
If you're looking for me,
I'm hiding on Reddit or Twitter.
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