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First update playing platinum

-chose chimchar as starter
-beaten rival
-got running shoes
-went to the lake
-got to sangem town
-got the pokedex and named chimchar Ape
-got the parcel
-Got to Jubilife city
-Gave the parcel to Rival
-Got the Poke watch
-Beaten Rival
-Skiped all the trainers
-got Rock smash
-Captured Psyduck named it quacky
-went back to beat all the trainers
-Ape evolved into Monferno
-Got Roark back from the mine
-Defeted Roark And got my first badge

My team

Monferno(Ape) Lv16
-mach punch

Psyduck(Quacky) Lv12
-water sprout
-water gun