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Originally Posted by shengar View Post
I never understood why the Day/Night cycle in Gen V was partially removed :(
Yes, Day/Night cycele still work. If you leveled up Eevee with max happiness in 20:00PM, it still evolved to Umbreon. But, the in-game doesn;t even feel night at all. There is no more Pokemon that would appear onky at night. So stale and boring.

It never crossed out in my mind that Seasonal Cycle would disturb it unless GF programmers are really bad they can't make something that have different time hold working together. If they thought that catching night-only Pokemon is such a hassle, how about Vaniluxe and other that only appear out in Winter? Remind you that season changes once a month in a cycle compared to 12 hours cycle of day/night.
Oh also with the night, not feeling like night... it should seem darker, and things should change rather than just lighting and lamps etc. Everything needs to be lit up, and for things to be found in harder places at night than during the day imo.

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