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    Good morning everyone! (It's morning where I am anyway. Maybe not where you are. But it might be by the time you read this. Er...) Good day everyone! (Or night. Or... nevermind) Hello!

    I want to mention straight away that my availability isn't fantastic, but it will get better. I can promise a minimum of two posts a week to start off with, and if that's a problem I totally understand. I'll wait and try again when my availability improves. I just figured honesty was the best policy. Anyway, here she is;

    Name: Samantha Felicity Cooper

    Nickname: Sammy, Coop

    Age: 15

    Sex: Female

    Dorm: Entei Dorm

    Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish)ammy is a pretty girl with green eyes and light brown almost reddish hair. Sheis tanned from extensive time spent outdoors and engages in regular physical exercise. Slightly taller than average for her age she stands at five feet and seven inches. Her features are soft and she could be viewed as a very sweet and innocent looking young woman. One of her more interesting features is that her ears are two different shapes, giving her an asymmetrical appearance. The left ear looks largely normal while her right ear is smaller and has a more folded look. Her hair, just past shoulder length, is often tied back in a ponytail or clipped up and she favours clothing in light colours. Greens, blues and whites are her favourites.

    Sammy has numerous small scars across her body, though none are severe, and generally avoids revealing outfits. Usually seen in layers and long sleeves she also prefers trousers over skirts or shorts. Accessorising generally consists of punk rock paraphernalia.

    (I claim no ownership to the below image in any way whatsoever. It is used purely as a one-off visual reference and was found on Google. I did not create this image, nor commission it. The artists tag has been left intact and visible, and they are awesome. Please support artists.)

    Personality: Sammy would characterise herself as a “tomboy”. Lacking any real maternal figure or female role model for the majority of her formative years she was raised by men and took on several of their characteristics. She has a coarse sense of humour that contrasts with her sweet appearance, and doesn’t shy away from physical contact or roughhousing. She feels more comfortable around men than women, generally finding other girls her age boring or shallow.She can be outspoken, honest to a fault and even confrontational when pressed.She takes no offense at having her own flaws pointed out, and feels that others over react when they deal with her critical honesty negatively. She cannot abide bullying however, and will usually confront someone head on if she feels they are being unnecessarily cruel.

    Her relationship withP okémon is complex. She adores the honesty of Pokémon, deception being something that they rarely employ, but finds their inability to communicate with her frustrating. She has a weakness for Pokémon that are rejected, abused or seem “lost” in some way, taking them in without a second thought. If she spots a Pokémon being mistreated she can’t help but rush to their aid with her full fury directed at who or whatever appears to be the bully, whether it is a person or another Pokémon. As a trainer she has very little concern over selecting the ‘best’ Pokémon and is instead focused on bringing out the best in whichever Pokémon she has ‘adopted’. This is tied to issues she has regarding abandonment and being told what she can do – or more specifically what she can’t..Rejection is no issue for her, but being left behind, forgotten or deserted by a friend will deal a serious blow. She hopes to take the Pokémon others have forgotten about or mistreated and show the world just how wonderful they can be– by working with them to become a top trainer. If Sammy is told she can’t or isn’t allowed to do something she charges off almost immediately to do it, and applies this trait to her Pokémon training. If a Pokémon has been told it is incapable or useless, she sets out to prove it is not. She also has a tendency towards braggadocio, making wild claims as to what she can accomplish and then finding she has set herself an almost impossible task.

    History: Sammy’s mother passed away while she was very young, leaving her in the care of her father. A sailor by trade he took on with whichever vessels would carry him, ranging from cruise ships to merchant vessels. Lacking any family who could care for Sammy while he was away he was forced to take her along with him. Growing up almost exclusively on the ocean meant that Sammy was raised not only by her father, but the other sailors on the various vessels he worked on. She grew to be brash, full of bravado and somewhat less than ladylike due to their rough influence, but also honest, hardworking and determined. She was regularly told by the sailors, and often the captains, that there were parts of the ship she was not allowed to venture to. Jobs she could not help the sailors with. She developed an absolute loathing for having limitations set upon her and usually wriggled her way into these forbidden places or found ways to help with the more dangerous jobs.

    Years spent sailing the oceans gave Sammy a great deal of interaction with Water Pokémon, though she never caught one for herself. Despite her best efforts Sammy is a truly awful fisher, usually only tangling herself in the wire or getting trapped inside the net. She refused any offers for another to catch a Pokémon for her and continued to try regardless. It wasn’t until she was thirteen and she threw her fishing net into the ocean in a tangled mess, fed up with the entire exercise and determined to never fish again, that fortune and disaster both struck. The net, tangled beyond belief and now floating irretrievably in the ocean snared a Corphish, his large claw getting caught and knotted up. Corphish cried out repeatedly as it tried to cut through the net with his other claw, but only managed to get further tangled. Terrified over what she had done Sammy, a strong swimmer, launched herself over the side of the ship and into the ocean.Swimming for Corphish she tried to free the Pokémon from the trap she had made,but only became tangled in the net herself. It wasn’t long until her father andthe other sailors provided rescue, hauling girl and Pokémon both up onto the ship and freeing them.

    Sammy realised the damage her negligence and lack of thought could have done. She made a tearful promise to Corphish to never be so selfish again and to always do what she had done –rush to the rescue. Corphish has been by her side ever since, moved by Sammy’s bravery and determined to see her keep her promise.

    The experience drove home for Sammy’s father that the high seas were no place to raise a daughter. It wasn’t safe, and she was missing out on any real childhood. Discussing the options with her they decided she would enrol in the Pokémon Trainer Academy as a chance at a relatively normal life, and so she could better help endangered Pokémon.The next time they docked in the Kanto region, when Sammy was fourteen, she and Corphish set their feet on dry land and set off. They could have secured passage via sea, but Sammy wanted at least some experience as a trainer before she got to the Academy. She enjoyed a number of battles along the way, but one in particular cemented her world view. Not far from Celadon city she battled a trainer and his Cubone. The trainer was exceedingly cruel to Cubone for the entire duration of the battle, shouting abuse and berating the Lonely Pokémonfor its incompetence. Although Cubone wasn’t the greatest battler Sammy was appalled and forfeited the match, taken aback that someone could be so deliberately cruel to a Pokémon for any reason.

    Sammy, furious over the trainers actions, waited until he had recalled Cubone before ordering Corphish to attack. She physically forced him to release Cubone into her care before fleeing the scene of her dubious ‘rescue’. She made her way to the Academy as quickly as possible after that, hoping to outrun any word of what she had done.She was confident she had done the right thing, but in completely the wrong way. Safe on Oak Island she hopes her actions don’t catch up with her – in the form of the law or a vengeful trainer...


    Species: Corphish - Male
    Personality: Corphish is typical of his species, loyal to his trainer but somewhat thuggish. He showed no hesitation in attacking Cubone’s original trainer and seemed to enjoy the experience. That being said, he holds Sammy to her promise to him, and if he thinks she is being stupid or ignoring a pokemon in danger he isn’t above giving her a sharp pinch. A bully with a pure heart, Corphish is like his trainer in that he does the right thing in the wrong way.
    Ability: Hyper Cutter
    Lvl: 22
    Moves: Bubble, Harden, ViceGrip, Leer, BubbleBeam

    Species: Cubone - Male
    Personality: Cubone is very confused by his change in circumstances but is ultimately grateful to Sammy for his rescue, regardless of how she went about it. Scarred by his experiences with an abusive trainer Cubone is cowardly and easily upset. He wants to become stronger so he cannot be hurt again, and to protect Sammy the way she protected him.
    Ability: Rock Head
    Lvl: 9
    Moves: Growl, Tail Whip, Bone Club, Endure