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    Hey guys, Archeops12354 here and I have come up with some pretty decent moves for gen 6!
    Here's some ideas I came up with, I hope you like them!:

    Singularity: This is a dark type move, "The user emits a strange aura that circles around the foe." So basically, this a non-attack move that deals damage to the foe each turn for five turns (similar to the move bind). Each turn it randomly deals between 1 to 500 hp damage, (this move will be a move learnt at a high level)
    PP = 5/5

    Tsunami: A water type version of guillotine. "The user ravages the target with a massive tidal wave, the foe will faint if it hits."
    PP = 5/5

    Saw Blades: A physical steel type attack that shoots saw blades at the enemy, this attack has a power of 75. But if the original user of the move is still in battle during the next turn, the sawblades return to the user, dealing another 75 damage to the foe even if you are currently using a move! "The user looses a flurry of deadly blades at the target, the blades will return to the user while slicing up the target once more."
    PP = 10/10

    Eclipse: Yet another dark type move! This is a weather condition just like rain dance or sunny day. Dark and ghost types will have increased evasion during an eclipse, dark and ghost type moves will also be increased. The moves moonlight and morning sun will not heal the user at all during an eclipse. "The user shrouds the arena in sheer darkness, dark and ghost types become more powerful."
    PP = 5/5

    Dark Bolt:
    *sigh*, yes another dark type move. I really like the dark type and I believe their moves are not powerful enough, so SHADDAP! Anyway, this move is the dark type version of solarbeam, a two turn attack that will activate in one turn if in an eclipse. Speaking of which, solarbeam will fail during an eclipse, and dark bolt will fail during harsh sunlight. "The user absorbs darkness on the first turn, then unleashes a devastating strike of energy at the foe."
    PP = 10/10
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