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The Green Knight
Alexander strode through the gates of Issathon like he owned the place. It had been a long time since he entered the city. The last time had been with his father to pick out some riders for the Draconics. Brenton walked beside him, his saddle loaded down with fruits and the weight of Alexander's helmet and buckler shield, The Warden of the Forest. The Kirin seemed to be at home as well. "Well buddy...We're home." Alexander reached up and began to pet his big companion. Several maidens on the side of the street were swooning as he walked by. It happened everywhere he went. It was the curse of being an incredibly attractive man. He couldn't just ignore them, so he flashed his handsome, winning smile at them, only to have a few of them faint. He muttered under his breath, "Damned looks..." He didn't want just any girl: He wanted the one that could make him happy. He even secluded himself from society so he could clear his mind of any lust and greed. He was a pure man now.

The Green Knight approached the keep's gate and requested entrance. The gatekeeper asked who he was. "Who am I? I'm the son of the great Doran Baldwin." The name of the Draconic's leader was well-known. Alex didn't like bringing it up, but it really rang some guard's bells. He could access many of the kingdom's areas that were otherwise-off limits. He felt as if he had to speak with the commander. He approached a young-looking knight. "Ser, could you direct me to the castle's commander?"'
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