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Alistar Callan

Alistar was currently dangling hundreds of feet above King Johar Ulond castle.Punishment no doubt for waking Cecil that morning with a pale of cold water. He spent the morning being carried like a piece of meat, claws clamped on shoulders. It was a better position than he had been in when the pair first started out. Then it had been his ankle in the death grip.

The king had been rounding up dragon tamers. He had been on the way to an inn in Lyeydra when he saw the mess a squad of guards made when trying to pick up one tamer. The light that woman, as far as he could tell it was a woman, shot off had nearly blinded him. That incident was the reason he is looking for a discrete way to slip into the castle. He did not need the royal guard after him even though Cecil felt confident. He needed information and what better source than a scullery maid.
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