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    Sinnoh, now that's my kind of region...big cities, high tech, and (best of all for an artistic type like me) Pokémon contests. If I arrived in my real-life body, with the skills I picked up from both real life and gaming, this is what I'd do.

    • Contact Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town, to learn more about the lay of the land.
    • Find a reliable trainer and/or breeder who could travel with me, and deal with my practical needs.
    • Settle down in Floaroma Town (nice and peaceful, with a lot of the Grass-types that I favor it's a stone's throw from Jubilife City, the place to get noticed as a Coordinator).
    • Try to research a way to return to the Real World™...I would miss (and be missed by) a lot of people back home. (BONUS: If I can get the return gate to open in my favorite real-world region, that'd be tops!)
    • If returning proved fruitless...start studying to be a Coordinator, and try to catch my favorites to show off (maybe even breed them, eventually).
    • People to meet from the anime: Ash and Professor Oak of course; Fantina; Wallace; Cynthia; Dawn's family (no need to worry, I'd never call her Dee Dee!) :D

    Ingeborg S. Nordén

    " Coming this fall to Jubilife TV: Lost Beyond Space!"
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