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Originally Posted by Galoria View Post
Username: Galoria
What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: They're pretty badass and unique. Even they're really rare and hard to get for some of them. They're aslo very well designed as Darkrai. And aslo good against Psy, so they're pretty interesting.
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What Types rule: Normal. Kidding, Dark type rules, duuuh.

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●What would you consider to be the most overrated Dark-type?●

My thoughts are gone on Hydreigon. Because of its unique type and one pseudo legendary Pokemon who is too powerful. I remember when I battled Ghestis and his Hydreigon's movepool was too amazing for me like Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Crunch etc.... I had no chance to be honest. I think this one would be Uber like Blaziken if it was only a Dragon type. Its weaker zone is on its own speed. Even with its great movepools and diversity, it can be beaten easily with a good fight team. But you have to predict it. Like to switch on Gengar or Jellicent something d:
Welcome to the club Galoria!

I guess I have to disagree with lot of people since I really like Hydreigon. Though I agree it is slightly overrated and overpowered. The one Ghetsis says was powerful and way . Though I guess I had better experience batting him than others cause I remember it being only somewhat challenging for me but my Scrafty basically took it out. Though it's still none of it's stats are below 90 so it's pretty overpowered. Still really like it and think it's one of my favorite Dragon-types and one of my favorite Gen V Pokemon.
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