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    ∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
    Mountain Region

    Chapter One: Part Four
    A Valiant Return

    A bittersweet moment. Kiba smiled somewhat sadly, though something seemed to cheer him up slightly. "I hadn't thought anyone had noticed... Hmm... I think we should rest for the night, and I'd like to search for Julia first thing tomorrow morning... If that won't interrupt your job, I hope you can come with me." His gaze shifted to the trees, in the direction Jack left. "though... Something worries me... What if Julia reacts the same way...?" He gestured Avaith to come sit by him, then picked him up and slowly began to pet him, speaking rather grimly. "Then we might end up in the same position, huh...? I'm sorry, buddy." He proceeded to hug the Quilava quietly, then spoke once more. "I'll be on the lookout for Mello, too."

    Ki sighed slightly and took a place beside Kiba. "I could assist in finding both of them, so hope is certainly not lost."

    Kiba nodded. "Right. And what if Mello went to find Julia too? They might be together looking for me."

    Ki nodded quietly. "The situation may not be as bad as we think."

    Z seemed to move closer, before sitting on top of her legs, holding her hands up to the fire with a look of amazement and astonishment, it was as if she'd never seen a fire before. While watching the flames lick at the sky, she spoke to the group behind her. "This 'Julia'... Is she the one you speak so fondly of?"

    Kiba nodded in response, though Z would not see it. "Yeah... I kind wish she had been here, but it's foolish to think too optimistically."

    "I see... I wish to meet her."

    "You will." Kiba had gazed down at his hand, slowly clenching it into a fist. "I promise."

    Amber had moved from the fire over to the two Eevee, and was bouncing about excitedly. "Light? Stella? My name is Amber! It sounds like Ember, and it means fire!" She hopped about and then immediately sat down in front of them, a fluffy yellow tail whipping back and forth behind her. "What about you? What do your names mean?"

    "Wait, you said you have that Gyro gear right? You can tell her to come back here!" Hope filled his eyes slowly. "Try not to tell her I'm here, though... I think it'd be a great surprise."

    Mello somewhat smiled as she was swept into Julia's arms and allowed to watch as their bubble slid right down the mountain, careening around trees and walls. Was she enjoying this? It would appear so. So much so, in fact, that she also formed a ramp ahead of them, sending their bubble careening /over/ trees and then landing with a bounce or twenty near the end of the decline. When they finally slowed to a stop, the bubble simply popped and disappeared, Mello clapping with delight at the ride.

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