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    I've just been making a few more animations. I was trying to make scald and gunk shot from Hydro pump.
    But I've noticed that moves like Hydro Pump and Sonic Boom that use repeating animations, don't follow the conventional structure 0f 02 xx xx xx 08, rather they seem to have animations that follow an 0E xx xx xx 08 structure, where xx xx xx 08 is a pointer to a table which is comprised of 02 xx xx xx 08. I've tried going to these locations and copying them to free space and repointing to that area, but this causes the animation to freeze. So this makes it difficult to change the palette. I was wondering if anyone knows more about this particular area.

    EDIT: After some research, I've been able to successfully copy the 02 XX XX XX 08 data existing where the 0E xx xx xx 08 points to, and move it and change all the pointers. However when I copy the information at the pointer 02 xx xx xx 08 to a new offset and change the 02 xx xx xx 08 to point to that area that is when the animation freezes.

    EDIT2: I'm an idiot. I was only copying 20 bytes as opposed to the 24 at 02 XX XX XX 08. It works now. So for those that want to change the colours or animation particles for a repeating animation such as Sonic Boom or Hydro Pump look for the 0E XX XX XX 08 pointer, and follow it to XX XX XX. Then copy the bytes from the start of that offset until you reach an F9 89 09 08. This signifies the end of the animation. Copy it to a new offset and change all the pointers. Then change the pointers in that to the 02 XX XX XX 08 animation in the new 0E XX XX XX 08 animation. Make sure to add the palette load at the beginning of the original animation. Sorry if I didn't explain this particularly well. It's a tad convoluted.

    EDIT3: I've been doing some more research, and have found that by mixing Amnesia's background effect with different backgrounds such as the Dark type background, leads to some rather interesting combinations. It seems to take the palette and play a scrolling colour effect, which could be interesting for certain backgrounds.
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