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    I'll bullet my thoughts at the end.

    Well I'd hope they overhaul caves a bit. Firstly make them a bit like deserts or the 5th gen (B/W) victory road with rough terrain where pokemon are. This makes caves a bit less annoying with the constant pokemon especially since we always get such a limited number of pokemon there. often caves have about 4-5 pokemon just on land. these tend to be the zubat, the geodude, the machop, etc. then the caves after it have golbat, graveler, machoke, etc. It'd be nice to see more pokemon in caves. Also have some "dark grass" area for caves where double battles and stronger pokemon are. probably using mud would be a good way to do this.

    Also more interesting sorts of caves. Chargestone was a great idea because it gave us a good number of electric types who weren't ground or rock types. I'd love to see another volcano, but the catacombs would be great along with a forest cave with lots of vines and stuff. I want caves to be more then just rocks.

    Also make more caves off of routes. I never really liked having to go through caves to get places, but I wouldn't get rid of that part of the game. I'd rather have caves that go to places not needed for the story. So I go through a cave and come out in a small town which maybe has something I can use like a berry farm, but its not required to get the badges and follow the story. Also don't use this to cut off content. When it comes to post game I want the content to be kept off by something reasonable not just "oh we'll fix this bridge soon as you beat the elite four" or "we'll finish digging as soon as you beat the pokemon league".

    1. Have certain areas to catch pokemon not the entire cave.
    2. add "dark grass" to caves for double battles and stronger pokemon.
    3. have more variety in the caves not just the same pokemon and their evolutions.

    4. have interesting sorts of caves instead of just rocky tunnels.
    5. have the catacombs as a location.

    6. non-story related caves.
    7. tunnels to misc towns or locations with useful, but not needed thing.
    8. don't use caves as a way to cut off the post-game from the pre-game. (I suggest the battle frontier style where you can go because you proved you are strong).

    Besides all that I do adore the caves when it comes to the pokemon games as they tend to have some of my favorite pokemon, but they are such a pain.
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