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Alright here is my SU


Name: Zayne Alta

Nickname: None as of yet

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Job: Practical Battling

Appearance: Zayne is of a fairly thin (but not ridiculously skinny) build and stands tall at about 6’3”. He is white with a naturally pale complexion that has been slightly tanned due to long journeys, this makes his complexion appear fairly normal although possibly slightly paler than most. Zayne has simple, brown eyes that don’t give off any real sign of depth in fact, his gaze has been described as stony and he has red/maroon, straight hair that he wears fairly long at the back (coming to maybe a bit over a quarter of the way down his neck) and sides (the hair falls around his ears but mostly behind) and mostly short at the front save for his fringe which is fairly long and angles naturally to the left. His default expression is frowning or stoic but that hides his true personality.

Zayne prefers drab colours such as black, greys and white although he often wears red also. Zaynes outfit usually consists of charcoal grey cargo pants and a simple black T-shirt. Over this shirt he either wears a jacket in the same colour of his pants, but with two darker vertical stripes on the front (usually worn open) and a paler grey collar or a trench coat in a similar colour. He usually wears shoes incorporating these colours and red and is typically seen with a special belt or a pouch at his waste (or sometimes a bag) to carry useful battle items and pokeballs. He wears angled glasses and a simple silver chain around his right wrist.

On formal, business or important occasions Zayne wears a suit in the same colour scheme (without a tie usually due to an intense hatred of them).

Personality: : Zayne is a primarily quiet person whose general lack of expression (certainly a happy expression) hides his surprisingly friendly, albeit serious personality. Although, saying he is series all the time would be wrong since he has a dry, sarcastic humour which often slips through into his conversations. Zayne is always respectful, although saying he is polite is going a bit far since he prefers not to practice formal speech unless it is necessary and is generally a very tolerant person but when you make him angry it is very much a “mess with a tauros and you get the horns” situation. He believes heavily that you should always treat people you don’t know well with respect but that if you lose someone’s respect earning it back should be hard work.

Despite having been on many adventures Zayne likes to feel at home wherever he lives and is really an academic at heart. He studies things he is interested in intently and often writes theoretical journals of his own, practices that show through when he battles. Sometimes unfortunately though, he is very much a perfectionist and a strong believer in the values of hard work. Whilst he always strives for a high standard a downfall of his is that he expects others to share a similar work ethic and is harsh towards those that don’t live up to their potential, sometimes this includes himself.

Zayne is surprisingly competitive at times and is a skilled, albeit aggressive battler who often implements his rather expansive knowledge into his battling.

History: : Zayne’s life could be considered eventful, or not overly eventful depending on how you look at it. He is anative of the Hoenn region being born in Oldale Town a small town situated between Littleroot Town and Petalburg City. His parents own the towns Pokemart and are both experienced battlers.

He started his journey with a charmander given to him as a gift by his parents and after travelling through the Hoenn region he competed in the regions league placing well but not succeeding in securing the championship. He creating a secret base on route 115 and spends a lot of time training there in solitude with the few other trainers who ever turn up there.

After his training had continued for a while Zayne travelled to Sinnoh, his favourite of the regions he had travelled to where after arriving in Canalave City he began taking on the regions gyms and league again being fairly successful. Zaynes travels continued in this manner for a long time as he competed in the Kanto, Johto and Unova leagues as well before retaking the Hoenn league and winning his only ever championship which he quickly abdicated as he had no intention of remaining in Hoenn, instead he chose to move to Sinnoh where he has lived in Veilstone (up until now) although he did often visit his family and secret base back in Hoenn.

Shortly before discovering the open position at the Academy Zayne had began to become bored with his dull everyday life and wanted to increase his knowledge and share it with others, upon hearing of the open teaching position he found it seemed like the ideal way to do achieve this goal.

Pokemon: Despite having caught several pokemon in his time as a trainer Zayne has chosen not to bring many with him to the island instead giving them a rest and choosing to primarily catch and train from the island's own diverse ecosystem.

1. Aura the Lucario (Male)

Personality: Aura is mostly a quiet pokemon liking to sit and watch but is very loyal to his trainer and is a very skilled and fierce competitor.
Lv 50
Aura Sphere, Psychic, Extreme Speed, Calm Mind, Dark Pulse, Detect

2. Andromeda the Staraptor (Female)

Personality: Andromeda is almost the polar opposite of Aura. She likes to be active and is very outgoing, occasionally aggressive. She is very determined and a veteran of many battles.
Lv 48
Arial Ace, Brave Bird, Close Combat, Facade, Double Team, Final Gambit

3. Ignis the Charizard (Male)

Personality: Ignis is fearless and gruff but can be quite affectionate/friendly when it knows you well or is coaxed by Zayne who Ignis was starter to. Ignis hates to lose and has an unshakable trust in his long-term companion. Not surprisingly he hates water.
Lv 50
Flamethrower, Air Slash, Smokescreen, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse, Thunder Punch

I'll add images of his pokemon and maybe of him later but that's all the important stuff.