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    Proffessor Yew, 2.0:

    Name: Steven Yew

    Nickname: Yew

    Age: 27

    Sex: Male

    Job: Pokemon Mythology


    Personality: Calm and collected most of the time, Yew is what most would call an ideal teacher. However, once you get to knowing him, Yew is slightly spontaneous, and acts a bit younger than he is. Yew is strict when it comes to punishment, at least for grave infractions, but is reasonably lenient with his classes otherwise. He loves engaging his students with fun activities and many field trips, but still resorts to textbooks on occasion. Yew is mostly outspoken when it comes to personal issues, but is more likely to just change the subject. It has come to Yew's beliefs during his travels that friendship is the strongest force in existence. When it comes to field studies, Yew is very serious, and focused beyond anything. He tends to get a small bit overexcited when he makes a discovery, no matter how small. Yew has come to find that he enjoys the company of his Pokemon more than people, but it hasn't been a hindrance as of yet.

    History: Yew grew up on on one of the Orange Islands. He went to a school there, and one of his teachers greatly inspired him to become one himself. When he graduated, he was given a Kirlia, which he raised with much affection. Naming her Tetra, they went on a region-spanning adventure, on which they aquired Ice, a quite abnormally colored Scizor. Finished in the Orange Islands, Yew went to the newly discovered Sinnoh region, intent on becoming a champion in the newly formed league. While in Sinnoh, he met a Luxray, which he caught and befriended in almost record time. Eventually, he did acheive his dream, and reigned as Champion for a time. As a reward, he was given a Chimchar, which Yew decided to nicname Char. Char soon evolved, and Yew decided to travel to Hoenn. Traveling through the region, he met many trainers, and made many friends. While he was there, he found an interesting myth about the continental pokemon. One thing led to another, and he was soon involved with the study of all three of the legendaries. Soon after, he returned home. Giving up his position as champion in Sinnoh, Yew began studying Pokemon myths in immense detail. Many years later, Yew was still looking into these myths, especially those about the three Hoenn legendaries. He made many discoveries, to the point of being considered an expert in the in the field of study. He had just returned from a field study when he was requested to teach a history course at the school that he had long since graduated from. Accepting the job, Yew soon became a favorite to both students and coworkers. He taught for another two years before getting a letter from an old friend that he had met at the Sinnoh Elite Four. Gary asked him to come teach at his new academy. Yew packed, and was on the first boat that would go to the island for a reasonable price. After a few weeks of the job, Yew soon discovered that the island was quite rich in historical artifacts. Many of the tunnels that laced the mountainous center of the island contained signs of ancient life on the island. Due to this, Yew usually spends his time out of the classroom in the field. Occasionally, he brings interested students, but most of the time is only accompanied by his Pokemon.


    -Nickname: Tetra
    -Personality: Tetra is hardworking, and will do almost anything for Yew. She is funny, and will crack many jokes. She is overly serious when Yew or herself are in danger, and will take matters into her own hands, even if Yew has a better plan. She makes a habit of rarely trusting anyone with anything important.
    -Lvl: 50
    -Moveset: Psychic; Hypnosis; Dream Eater; Psyshock; Light Screen; Recover

    -Species: Scizor
    -Nickname: Ice
    -Personality: Ice is haughty, and thinks of himself as the strongest Pokemon on Yew's team. While this isn't true, Ice still tries to prove it at every opportunity. He is aggressive towards anyone that aproaches Yew while he is out of his Pokeball, but can be calmed quickly.
    -Lvl: 47
    -Moveset: X-Scissor; Agility; Fury Cutter; Guillotine; Seismic Toss; Bug Bite

    -Species: Luxray
    -Personality: Luxray is quiet, and loves to run. He thinks of battles as games, and will try to be playful with the opponent between commands. Luxray is trusting of others, and is an attention hog.
    -Lvl: 45
    -Moveset: Thunder; Thunder Fang; Glare; Swagger; Hone Claws; Night Slash

    -Species: Monferno
    -Nickname: Char
    -Personality: Char is the other wisecrack of the team. He will play many pranks, and gets away with most of them. He loves riddles, and will have many competitions with the rest of the team. he is very strategic, placing his hits in the most effective positions.
    -Lvl: 45
    -Moveset: Mach Punch; Fire Blast; Blaze Kick; Double Kick; Slash; Agility