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    Hey, I'm new to this Pokemon Essentials thing and I just wanna share ideas for my region ^.^. So if anyone has suggestions, feel free to suggest away. :D okay so I will put descriptions for each area below.

    Littlepine Town: A tiny little village surrounded by forests. The elders go into the forest weekly to pray for the forest's protector. Areas of interest: Player's house, Rival's House

    Centennial Forest: A labyrinth of a forest that has a mysterious aura to it. It is home of the forest's protector. Areas of interest: Shrine of Worship(Celebi), Bug sanctuary(on outskirts), Great Maw(Post-game, leads to Hall of Origin where Sinnoh Legendaries can be caught)

    Centennial City: A city that relies on a day-to-day schedule from eating breakfast in a strict amount of time, to going to school for 12 hours a day. Other cities could never find out why the mayor makes the citizens do this... maybe they're special?
    Areas of interest: Centennial Clock Shop, Trainer's School, Psychic Type Gym

    Solaria Route 1: A short and sweet path that has many honey trees.

    These are all the ideas I have so far, I will post more.
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