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> Cleaning the place up a bit would be nice. Someone has put a lot of effort into making that house a home and they'd be pretty mad to return to it in this state. That's if they're not poke-food.

This is possibly the kindest voice in your head you've heard today. The others have suggested acts of looting, violence and general postapocalyptic mayhem; this one, however, strikes you as more of a conscience than a malign symptom of schizophrenia.

You make an attempt to tidy up the place, sweeping the stuffing fragments into one pile and the fragments of wood and steel into another. The paintings you tape together with some more of your Gaffer Tape, and stick back onto the walls. There isn't much you can do about the puddle by the sink, but you cut up the Squat Green Hat, squish it into a plug and stuff it into the pipe to stop the flow.

You take a few steps back and survey your handiwork. It's not quite home, but it's definitely not a wrecked hovel any more, either. It's then that you notice the little piece of black plastic protruding from under one of the sofas.

Othodox found one Powerless Tablet Computer! Othodox put the Powerless Tablet Computer in the Electrical Goods Pocket.

It looks like it needs charging up, but you can't find a charger anywhere.

>Run around in a circle until the egg hatches.Don't want to be unprotected in the wilderness
> How about we walk,don't want to lose anymore precious blood or stamina, around in a circle until either the egg hatches or you hear signs of an unhappy animal.

You go outside and run around for a while, but it doesn't appear to have much effect on the Bad Egg. Given how prevalent scripted events seem to be nowadays, you suspect it's probably going to hatch fortuitously at some critical point in the future, and that nothing you do is going to change that.

>After walking in circles, put on the dress and drink all the boxed wine. If anyone is alive and looking for survivors, they are more likely to trust a drunk guy in a dress! (The narrator had to mention the dress for a reason, maybe it is magic as well?)

This is the single best idea you have had all day.

You take off your clothes, stuff them into your Bag and slide into the Stylish Dress instead. As you suspected, it's a perfect fit.

You feel extremely pretty, and after the whole three-litre box of wine, you feel even prettier. You are also having some difficulty standing, and in fact doing anything other than vomiting copiously into the surf.

Not onto your dress, though. That's far too nice to spoil.

As you straighten up, wiping your mouth on the remnants of the Squat Green Hat, you notice that the smoke over Route 29 is much, much closer.

It looks like Cyndaquil's hunger is driving it closer still.

You are feeling unpleasantly sober again.

> You should probably go down route 30 so you can loot Mr Pokemon's house and that berry guy's house. Look for berries along the way. Maybe you can climb over the ledges to avoid the grass.

You decide wisely that now is the time to leave town, and, Dangerous Makeshift Knife in hand, you walk out to the north, heading onto Route 30. There is a ledge in front of you, and the slope that circumvents it is covered in tall grass. For a moment, you contemplate climbing the ledge to avoid the grass, but realise that there are two problems with this. One, it's slightly too high and there are no handholds; two, any climbing will assuredly ruin your Stylish Dress, and that cannot be allowed.

You're becoming more and more comfortable in this thing, actually. Why on earth haven't you tried this before? You've been missing out for years.

As on Route 29, nothing comes for you in the long grass, and you wonder if anything's even left. Have the Pokémon all vanished? You suppose you could check with the Pokédex's Radar Mode, but you're hesitant about using that without the approval of the voices in your head.

Once you reach the top of the grass, the path forks around a lone house. There was a ledge on the left, you remember, but it looks like there was some kind of massive fight at the top, and a tree has fallen from above to provide a way up.

To the left is a fallen tree leading to the continued path.

To the right is a patch of long grass leading north between trees and a pond.

In the centre is a fruit-bearing tree and a Lonesome House.

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