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    "Alright, Sorry for bombarding you with questions" I apologize. "Although lets not stay out here too long, I don't wanna get in trouble before even attending my first class."

    I look at the Dratini giving me the biggest set of puppy dog eyes "Okay little guy, Just please back off a bit, I don't wanna get my brand new coat wet merely Minutes after I first get it" I explain, Mistaking Dratini for a water type.

    I retrieve my poke-balls out from my bag and let Tiba and Cally out as Daniel begins his Explanation.

    "Alright you Two, That's whats going on, You both up to it?" I ask Acting a bit overenthusiastic.
    "Tail!" (Sure thing, Sounds like fun!) Proudly announces Tiba.
    Cally though Didn't share Tiba's Enthusiasm as she just yawned and laid down off to the side.

    I look at Cally Slightly Shaking my head "Yeah, I thought as much" I turn to Daniel to explain "Cally is a bit lazy when it comes to physical activity. She doesn't mind blasting things with fire but as soon as it involves Running or anything that could be considered physical she wants no part of it."
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