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C.J. Styles
Behind the Dorms - Battle with Issac

Chomp was to close to avoid the attack this time, “GIB!” she called out as the sand hit her hard. The grin faded from C.J.’s face, he hadn’t expected such a quick recovery. Huh, he’s not half bad. Chomp landed on the ground the Sand Tomb still causing the sand to rage around her. “Send a SandStorm in the opposite direction to cancel that out and follow up with Take Down.” C.J. commanded, aloud this time.

Chomp waves one arm to kick up sand, then waves the other to create the sandstorm, the sand spun in the direction opposite Trunks’ Sand Tomb. Then, her body becomes surrounded by an orange aura as the sand cleared Chomp was charging at Trunks with great force.

Again a perfect moment to have had a Fire Type Move, they’d just have to make due though. C.J. was hoping to make use of Chomp’s Rough Skin ability. If Trunks countered with a contact move he would receive extra damage, allow Chomp would to due to Take Downs recoil. This could turn out to be a close match. C.J. thought.
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