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    So whoever this was was willing to help. That was a relief! However, she said she couldn't do it alone and she didn't have a pokemon to help them. Unfortunately, neither did he. Shawn's most helpful pokemon wouldn't be enough to help out. He tried moving his arms again. After resting for a while, he felt a warm sensation in his arms. They felt more like body parts instead of useless weight.

    Slowly, Shawn moved around the arms to get more blood flow into them. Doing this, he got an idea. He layed out flat and rolled onto his chest, his breathing still a little labored. Laying his hands flat on the ground, he slowly pushed against the ground like he was doing a push-up. Determination spreading across his face quicker than his blood, he managed to raise himself up as far as he could.

    His words still slurred a little as he spoke: " my...knees...". She had to hurry, for his arms were already shaking from the exertion and he felt like he would collapse.

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