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So close to getting first post.Dang it Hikari. Woo new Travel Journal is up.
Ok first Black 2 entry in the new journal.

Well I haven't played Black 2 in a few weeks. But last time with my Miho (Azumaril) ready I finally took on Clay. I have to admit his gym is so confusing now. Its' so freaking dark and I ran into dead-ends several times. >.> Anyway, I thought me and my Azumaril would destroy him the first time, though however , I was mistaken and got killed by his Excadrill. That Bulldoze is powerful and if it weren't for that Sitrus Berry activating at the last minute I would of won maybe. So I went back and trained a bit and then came back stronger. Unfortunately his Excadrill took my Azumarill down once, but my Lucario and Pignite saved my butt with Force Palm and Arm Thrust respectively. After winning the Quake Badge , Clay took me and Hugh to check out the Pokemon World Tournament. We both entered the Driftveil Tournament with Cheren and even that Colress guy who I met on Route 4 was there. I won easily with Krokorok as my lead! As soon as the tournament as over I headed out only to find Hugh and Cheren out there when suddenly a Plasma member passes by. Of course Hugh chases after them. Colress tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen only causing me and Cheren to go after him. Persistent as ever. Hugh tracks them down to a weird large ship docked at the bay. This shipped turned out to be Team Plasma's main base of operations cause we were soon surrounded by Plasma grunts. At that moment Hugh said "I'm about to unleash my rage!" and I don't know why but I shouted "HE SAID IT! AH!" when he did. Anyway, the only real option at the moment was to take them on. I defeated two of the Grunts on my own and then helped out Cheren take out another two. After we defeated those I helped Hugh take out two more. Soon after defeating Grunts, a man named Zinzolin , one of the Seven Sages, approached us. Cheren seemed to recognize him right away. He told us about Plasma's plans to take over Unova. Then suddenly, he ordered three mysterious men known as the Shadow Triad to take us away. The Shadow Triad magically teleported us back to the dock and then vanished into then air. Hugh then rsuhs off in a furry while Cheren reminisces about the Shadow Triad and then sets off to Route 6.

After all that I decided to try more tournaments in the PWT only ending up losing all of them. Making me hate the PWT a bit. I'M NOT GOOD AT THESE THINGS AT ALL. ;~~; To cool off my frustration, I decided to make some movies at Pokestar Studios, something I'm good at. I also checked out Join Avenue for a bit and nicknamed my Rufflet. So now here's my team:

lv. 30
Naive nature
Somewhat vain.
- Arm Thrust
- Rollout
- Strength
- Flame Charge

(Irwin) lv. 32
Rash nature
Sturdy body.
- Dig
- Swagger
- Sand Tomb
- Rock Tomb

(Satchel) Lv. 29
Careful nature
Very finicky.
-Quick Attack

(Cirno) lv. 31
Naive nature
Strongly defiant.
- Take Down
- Charge
- Confuse Ray
- ThunderPunch

(Riley) lv. 33
Mild nature
Highly curious.
Item: Quick Claw
- Rock Smash
- Force Palm
- Quick Guard
- Bone Rush

(new nickname:Gallant) lv. 29
Careful nature
Capable of taking hits.
Sheer Force
Item: Eviolite
-Wing Attack
- Sky Drop
- Aerial Ace

Later we will explore Relic Passage and Route 6 and head off to Mistralton City!
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