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    Hey guys. I'm obviously new here, (hence why I'm posting here) and I'd just like to introduce myself.

    Name: Joseph. (or really any name that branches off of "Joe" )

    Consoles: I have an old original Gameboy Advance (not the SP) from about 12 years ago. It's even Indigo, so its pretty much the "Normalest" one out there. I'm still happy with it though. I also have a Wii, a Pokémon Mini (don't know if that counts) an original grey Gameboy (ya, the REALLY old one). A Nintendo 64, and a NES (toaster :D).

    Pokémon games: I have a copy of: Pokémon Yellow (my favorite), Blue, and Leaf Green. I also have Pokémon Stadium and "Hey you, Pikachu!" for the N64.

    So thats really all I can think of now. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!
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