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/Fel/ -Route 30-

Fel sighed looking at the pokeball he received from Mr.Pokemon as he walked towards the fire. He was somewhat irritated, and also a little confused, as to why he was given a Poliwag with only the move Bubble. He sighed a heavy and dramatic sigh, assuming that he had to grind his Poliwag to make her worth anything in terms of the fire. Her name was Aqua. It wasn't a name he was against, but it made him wonder if the organization knew anything about originality. That, or maybe they just named their pokemon after the jobs they were meant for, which, to Fel, seemed cruel. They may have just been data, just pieces of the game, but as far as Fel was concerned, the entire world of MAO was the "real world" and everyone active in it was not just a player, but a living being. Naming pokemon like that seemed...almost mechanical; it made him wonder more about the organization and what they...or it was like.

He noticed that things were getting progressively warmer and warmer, until he started to sweat. He removed himself from his thoughts for a moment to notice the fire. The tremendous fire. He'd underplayed how large the fire would be, and from what he could tell, the organization had, too. There was no way he could extinguish this on his own or with others. Not with Aqua at least. To prove this, he released Aqua and had it use Bubble on the fire. Surely enough, the fire made the attack dissipate rather early. Fel sighed again and returned Aqua. He scanned the fire and noticed quite a few people trying to extinguish it. Most of them were probably players and townspeople, the firefighters, if there were any, were probably inside the town.

What did catch his attention, was a cluster of people gathered around an area away from the city. They seemed to be putting out a rather small area of fire, but they seemed to still be having trouble. He ran over and asked, "Why are you guys over here?" he said, pointing to Cherrygrove City, "The main fire's over that way!"

"There's a little girl in this small cavern," a man with a wartortle said. "It has plant life, so it won't be long until it engulfs that cavern..."

"And the girl." Someone else added in, prompting a rather hostile look from the man with the wartortle.

Fel looked at the fire and then he looked back at those fighting the fire. He sighed for a third time, knowing what he'd have to do. He started to walk away, and then started running full tilt towards the fire. He was worried about whether it would kill him or not, but he was starting to get to the point where his interest in the organization was taking over any sense of value in the game and in his life. Not that he had much of the latter two, anyway. As he waded through the fire, what looked like red pixels leaked from his character, every part of his body was breaking, it seemed. Fel could not feel anything but heat, however. No pain. It was an intense heat, however, hotter than any anything he'd felt before.

Once he'd passed through the wall of fire, his sight adjusted to the darkness of the cavern. The girl was lying on the ground. She was blonde and wore a frilly dress. She seemed to be asleep, probably from crying and screaming so hard. He looked back to the fire, thinking if he could pass back through it, but his body was already far too worn to do so again. He looked the other way and noticed that the cavern was anything but "small" (it was a cavern after all). He picked the little girl up and looked to the fire, yelling, "I've got the girl, don't bother with the fire anymore! I'll find a way out!" Without waiting for responses, Fel started towards the depths of the cavern.
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