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    Originally Posted by Herpahermaderp View Post
    This is an extremely awesome tutorial, I have been waiting for one like this for years. Have you figured out the offsets for the staff names yet? If you did, would you mind sharing them? I've wanted to edit those as well.
    as far as writing them down... no...

    but if you have a hex editor that can accept tables you can load that file (attached above) as a table... and you xhould be able to actually read the names from your hex editor

    I use GoldFinger

    open your rom, then go to open table... name the .txt file (above) a .tbl and open it...
    then jump to the offset for the credits and just scroll down... hex on the left text on the right

    now with those you will be limited on space you dont get the extra free space due to the leafgreen name... but with a bit of work im sure you can augment it to say whatever youd like.

    I just got a save state right beforethe final battle with your rival and beat him over and over to test it... you can even do a savestate near the end or slightly after your fight with him and just keep reloading it to watch the credits...

    I would keep my savestate before the credits tho so they are reloaded each time. if your savestate is during the credits it may not load your changes...
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