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    wow, opinions! pretty exciting stuff, although tbh I feel like some of you need to learn the art of crit; it's possible to point out flaws in stuff without being so harsh. anyways, I personally think the sprite is pretty cute, but I see what you guys are saying. I threw together another set of variations to try out some different colour combos, and she looks just as cute (if not cuter??) with slightly lighter skin, so thanks for the feedback :)

    I've got most of the second big event situation happening, so now I'm kind of tooling around with the towns to finish them off; adding interior maps for some of the houses, making sure all the door events are using the right sprites, adding extra tiles so you can't see the edge of the map, that kind of stuff. also I've been going over a few of my sprites, fixing up some colouring issues (mostly just the aide and the player character), as well as spriting a few more main character OWs! I basically just have the gym leaders and the henchgirls to go, I think! (for now, anyway... and then I get to start on the larger battle sprites. fun!!!)

    next up...the starter pokemon event! although I'm having a little bit of trouble with that. I'd love to get my hands on some resized pokemon OWs - I do already have a whole bunch of pokemon OWs, but they're pretty much all larger than the player character, which looks a little ridiculous! so I guess I need to track these sprites down, bluhh. if anyone has them on-hand, I'd super appreciate a link :)

    some screenshots of this ~brand new event~:

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