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    Hi! I'm Meloetta24. And this is my first hack! Hope you like it

    You're a 12 years old kid from your village. You decided to have a journey because you want to be the champion like your dad. but you don't have Pokémon, so you go to Professor Xian's lab. After that, your lazy rival request you to go to Emerald City to get the Parcel. and after that. Prof. Xian give you Pokéballs and Pokédex to start your journey!.

    386 Pokémon.
    New League! Lara.
    New Storyline.
    New tiles.
    Starters are Charmander,Cyndaquil and Torchic.
    New overworld sprites.
    D/P text box.
    New Hero/Heroine (After Alpha 1.2.)

    Mini Alpha to Alpha 1.2 Screenshots.

    Strikethrough - Fixed
    Green Text - Can;t harm your Gameplay.
    Yellow text - Can be obstacle in storyline.
    Red text - Can HARM your gameplay.
    • Professor Xian is with you when you go in the lab ever he's not with you.
    • The corners of Heights in Emerald path have reflection like water.
    • Grass animation.
    • Minor Tilesets.
    • Grammar Mistakes.
    • The cooltrainer in gym have Sandshrew instead of any fire type Pokemon.

    JUST ME )

    Scripts 4%
    Maps 12%
    Tiles 95%
    Overworld sprites 10%
    Grass Animation 0%
    D/P text box 0%

    Mini Alpha - Emerald Path: 1st badge, 1st city.
    Alpha 1.0 - Otaku Heights: 2nd Path/Route/Way...
    Alpha 1.2 - Tropica City: 2nd badge, 3rd city.

    I'm a good Mapper.. but I'm A noob when it comes to Script T_T Help?
    The Mini alpha is not quite edited *_* I think i dont edited the starters *_* sorry for that. and i will edit mini alpha's scripts, maps and others. ALPHA 1.0 IS NOT AN REAL THING-U!!

    Alpha 1.2.9

    Creator of Pokemon Red Ruby!
    I need TEAM!! Editor (Text box,Grass animations) Scripter, Mapper, Storyliner and Tileset editor!!! (Scripter!! i need it most.)