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Something interesting comes to mind when you think about Unova's deeper issues tackled - such as freeing Pokemon from human oppression, as well as even making reference to freezing the protagonist, effectively killing them! Said games also had protagonists that appeared a lot older than previous ones, and that appears to be the case now with the designs of the protagonists. With this in mind, do you think these games might possibly tackle some of society's deeper issues? By this I mean wide-range issues such as poverty, and isolated issues such as depression. Do you think something like this could be effectively tackled? Given that the protagonists do appear to be older do you think it's even possible that they could head onto these grounds? Because they could really do it in a way where it applied better to the older players, yet still was like "wow this is bad" to the younger ones.

Basically, do you think things along these lines are more likely to be tackled/brought up? Do you think they're not appropriate for Pokemon? And if they were, how could they be tied into the games?

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