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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    They do work, and there's a lab assistant in the example maps who'll make full use of them. The first Regional Dex is unlocked by default (but that's only relevant if DEXDEPENDSONLOCATION is false).

    You've got DEXDEPENDSONLOCATION=true. This means that the current region's number is always the Dex used - locking/unlocking is irrelevant and does nothing.

    You'll want to set it to false, and then lock/unlock Dexes whenever you need to. If there's only one valid Dex (i.e. unlocked and contains at least 1 seen species), then it will be opened automatically rather than going to the Dexes menu.

    In my opinion, having this setting be false (and playing with locking/unlocking) is far superior to having it be true (depends on location). You can get exactly the same effect as the latter, plus you can access the National Dex at all (if you want it in your game), and you can choose which viable Dex to access at will.
    Mine is set to false and they aren't working

    EDIT: I just downloaded version 11 again and checked. It is working in essentials but not in my game which means I messed something up XD sorry this doesn't belong here anymore. Any idea what I might have done though?

    EDIT2: Nevermind. I am pretty sure it is because of a custom menu system that doesn't call for the pokedex to open correctly. I think I know how to fix it
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