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    If Pokemon were real... as long as we stayed in town near higher populations we would be fine. It would be incredibly dangerous to try and train a pokemon. Have you ever tried to train a dog? It's hard to teach it to sit. And you want to teach a Poochyena to Tackle something?

    Life isn't like a cartoon. If Pikachu decides to Thundershock you... you're gonna be lying on the ground, randomly shaking.

    If Charmander lights you on fire with an Ember... you best put it out or you are going to be a Kentucky Fried Human.

    If Bulbasaur gets mad and attacks you with Razor Leaf... you're going to need a lot of bandaids.

    If Squirtle hoses you down with a Water Gun that has more power than a fire hydrant.... you will not be getting up anytime soon and on top of that you will smell like turtle vomit, cause where else does the water come from?

    I've thought long and hard about what it would be like if Pokemon were real. It would be dangerous. Oh! Another analogy...

    People run around screaming and swatting at Bees like they're going to die or something. If you swat at a Beedrill... *plays funeral theme*
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