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Shawn shrugged, "I found that there's a big difference between wild pokemon battles and trainer battles. That's why I was probably sent here." He looked back at Sammy and shrugged, "Since I'm here, I might as well learn about battling with other trainers. I have to start somewhere, right?" That reminded him: Shawn has yet to repay Sammy for all this.

Shawn went to his chest of drawers, looking for something to give her for payment. He rifled through his things before finding...a Luxury Ball. He remembered her saying she caught a Shuppet before they met. It wasn't much to pay her for what she did for him, but he could make it up later when he recovered.

Shawn tossed it onto his bed, near where she was sitting. "That's for you. I know its not much, but I'll make up for your trouble when I'm ok again. As for Corphish, maybe I'll have a good battle with him later on."

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