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Okay so this doesn't sound that bad, but consider this (there's a lot of what if threads floating around, but nothing like this!) The two legendaries would need to be crammed into one storyline, and you'd thus get a choice of them, the games likely wouldn't be based on DNA because there's no opposites in names going on and with it only being one game, it'd indicate that a pattern is changing, and that it might be the only game of the region. As well as this... you couldn't get an extra/other copy to store stuff on because it'd be basically the same game, and you could only journey the region once. On the plus side, you'd have to pay less for it because you're not buying both, you'll also not get version differences, you'll likely get a more-enhanced game as they're only concentrating on one and generally you'd have a real pattern breaker that could have potential for a really interesting storyline, if it was the sole starting game of the generation.

So, with this in mind, would've you preferred they announced just one game, rather than the two? Do you think the DNA/other suspected themes would still work as well without having the two games to fall upon? If so, expand on how this'd have worked out. If not, why are you glad it turned out the way it did - and what could they potentially ruin if they DID do this?

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