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Retro Bug // Fara O'Shay + Skymin // BiRDiE @ Unknown Shore

"Halt!" a voice suddenly calls out to Fara and Birdie. Someone is running towards them in the sand, seemingly coming from the buildings in the distance. He is rather strangely dressed, with a purple suit and a white sort of mantle over his back... Don't the players recognize him from somewhere? He throws a pokéball in front of himself and an Electrode materializes halfway to the two players.

"Where did you find that pokémon egg?" the man asks, coming to a stop at a distance of half a gym arena from Fara and Birdie. "I claim it! I'm collecting pokémon, and there is a pokémon in there for sure! Give it to me, or battle me for it!"

The man looks rather flustered. Electrode's body sparkled with electric elemental energy, making fine sand fly up around it, and its eyes narrowed while its mouth smiled wider. How will Fara and Birdie react?


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