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    RSE beats them all, and here's the reason. Emerald and the other two give you a region that has never been explored before, and Firered and Leafgreen just warp you off to the region we all know and love, Kanto. While FRLF added an enormous plethora of new adventures, including the Sevii Islands, Hoenn gave us an actual storyline, with you playing a "chosen one" of sorts. I am also annoyed at the lack of moving sprites up until Emerald, which left little personality in those games, even Ruby and Sapphire. Emerald gives us this luxury that we still use today, but it leaves some Pokemon that should have been included, like Roselia, Masquerain, and Zangoose. I loved the added features in Emerald, especially the Battle Frontier, which I have still never won, but at least witnessed.

    While both games have decent things to offer, I'm afraid Emerald outshines them all.

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