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Username: Buggles
Challenge: ULTIMATE!!!
Type: Bug
Current Game: FireRed
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Update numero uno

  • Obtained Squirtle as starter
  • Delivered Oak's Parcel and obtained Pokedex
  • Caught Weedle on Route 2 and deposited Squirtle
  • Caught Caterpie on Route 2
  • Grinded both till they evolved, respectively, into Metapod and Kakuna
  • Entered Viridian Forest
  • Fought trainers and wilds until Kakuna evolved into Beedrill
  • Grinded Metapod till evolution into Butterfree
  • Entered Pewter City
  • Grinded Butterfree till it learned Poisonpowder
  • Entered Pewter Gym
  • Defeated the single Gym Trainer
  • Fought Brock 4 times until victory
Current Party:

Butterfree lv. 14

Beedrill lv. 11
Poison Sting
String Shot
Fury Attack