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    C.J Styles - Volcano (Cave)


    "Twwi-" Trunks shuddered as the idea of fire pokemon struck him with fear. "I'm at such a disadvantage here..." he said to Ax. “Don’t worry,” Ax responded, “if we stick together nothing can beat us. Just like the beast we just scared off.” She wasn’t sure of her statement but she had faith in C.J., he’s never put her in unnecessary danger.

    "Look C.J.! That cave looks quite illuminated. Should we check it out?" Issac asked. C.J. looked over the cave Issac was talking about. “Well, I’m here looking for a Druddigon myself. They’re known for liking Caves and Heat so seems like a good start to me.
    As they neared the cave you could feel the intense heat coming out.

    He wasn’t to sure what Issac was looking for, if anything, but C.J. was willing to help anyway possible. So anything in particular you’re hoping for?” he asked as he took the first step into the cave viewing the pools of molten lava scattered throughout. “No sign of anything yet, but there’s got to be something here. I’m sure of it.

    C.J. kept his eyes peeled, but didn’t see anything special at the time being. “Well, at least it’s warm here.” he laughed as they ventured further.

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